Saturday, 28 May 2011

Watch でんぱ組.inc live as they prepare for maxi single launch

Despite having only a handful of songs in their repertoire, でんぱ組.inc have been playing more and more shows these days. We're still far from an album, but their second Lantis release 「ピコッピクッピカッて恋してよ」is coming up on July 6th 2011. The track listing hasn't been made public yet, however the maxi single should contain at least 2 new songs; one of which is the ending theme to anime Baby Princess 3D.

The official PV for that ending theme runs a bit short, but that doesn't matter as full versions of their new songs have been uploaded to Youtube... better yet, they're live performances! Although they were posted on May 25th, the following performance took place in late April at a Tsutaya store in trendy Roppongi. Their setlist in order:
  1. 「わっほい?お祭り.inc」
  2. 「kiss+kissで終わらない」
  3. 「ピコッピクッピカッて恋してよ」
  4. 「BEAM my BEAM」
  5.  Bonus! "Making-of", photo shoot and introduction

Good thing they had some diehard fans mixing things up, because it would have been a pretty boring crowd otherwise! That last video shows a pretty artsy-fartsy introduction (what's up with the stilts?) and some fascinating behind-the-scenes footage. The whole thing was put together by collective Saizen00, who seem to be running a gallery dedicated to the budding idols. The video quality is high enough that it could be made into a DVD, not to mention the crazy photo shoot. We'll see how this turns out!


B-DASH said...

Yay! でんぱ組 time!!
The maxi single includes a new version of Mirror Magic?, the 1st "real" Denpagumi single (when they where 2 members, Mirin & Akari), released on 2008. arrangement was made by Aniki!!
Original version:

(Think I like it more than ピコッピクッピカッて恋してよ xD)

電波の世界 said...

Sweet, thanks B-DASH! I'll update the post accordingly. Was "Mirror Magic?" composed by Aniki in the first place or not?

You should write their wikipedia page!

Yukiko Forever! said...

Does anyone have any idea when the next solo Nemu Yumemi single might be out? I'm out on the web today to find information and I haven't found a shred in English and if I found something in Japanese then my poor language skills prevented me from realizing it.

mandichan said...

As far as I know, there's no particular plan for a 2nd single at this time. I think she's focusing on denpagumi for now.