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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Unboxening: MOSAIC.WAV「吟遊Planet☆AKIBA-POP」 "Extravagantly Extra-Equipped" Limited Edition

MOSAIC.WAV 5thアルバム『吟遊Planet☆AKIBA-POP』

Hey, listen! Did you forget that MOSAIC.WAV just recently released their killer 5th album 「吟遊Planet☆AKIBA-POP」, along with an "Extravagantly Extra-Equipped" Limited Edition available for international mail order? Let the following video refresh your memory and lighten your wallet.

It's pretty nice that this massive limited edition comes packed in such a nice tight box. If you're running low on space (like me) then you'll be glad to know that everything fits neatly inside. You can put it up on a desk without a prop, it'll stand on its own. The booklet is full-colour and contains all sorts of things: lyrics, interviews, production notes, comics, artwork and a nice discography section. To see more pictures, refer to DJKnuxCore's excellent unboxening pictorial.

We'll try and have a complete review of the album in the days to come. It is definitely their most varied effort as they explore new soundscapes and the exciting new possibilities that come with them. Thanks again to Sham Studio and MOSAIC.WAV for this exquisite boxset, as well as allowing their international fans to order from the store.


Ryan said...


Tom said...

awww yeee, i'd totally be as aroused as you sound opening this package.


Nice wolf blanket, bro. Also that's some pretty nice stuff you got there. BUBBLE WRAP & BUBBLE WRAP & BUBBLE WRAP & ...

Anonymous said...

/jealous too//
I wish I had enough money to actually order ; ___ ;" Wow a lot of bubble wrap too. I guess the Japanese like to secure things tightly. But! I have the normal album, which is actually better than what I really expected of MOSAIC.WAV. I really love MononoAhare (もののあはれ) I think it's the most epic song there, really. Can't wait for the review you'll give it too.

Christopher said...

I really wanted to get this, but then the "Please note it. There are a shipping and handling \1500 of the standard in this product." turned into 4k when I went to order.

Spy47 said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great package. Too bad I don't have the money to buy it. Maybe it'll be still available once I do but I doubt that. And I could actually play that vinyl. ;D

junketsu-no-kokuin said...

Thank you for your video, it's amazing ! (even if I'm jealous xD)
I'd love to have it, but yes...
I was ready to pay 1500Y for the shipping, and when I went on Paypal = 4000Y. So sad. :(