Saturday, 5 February 2011

ACT 「Do love me!」 live video & pictures, new radio show

We gave ACT (Ayu from IOSYS, Coda from COOL&CREATE and t+pazolite from C.H.S) a bit of a belated introduction in December 2010, two months after they released their debut mini-album 「A.C.T」. Then they went quiet until IOSYS announced ACT would perform at quim's X-Mas party on December 25th 2010. Missed the event didn't you? The good doctors felt our collective pain so they uploaded this video to provide some relief.

Pretty sweet right? But doesn't it look as though this crowd wasn't completely into it? Well, that's the impression they are giving me, after having witnessed ACT perform unannounced at the MegaPeer event on January 8th 2010. Instead of a couple dozen folks cheering the sound unit, it was a couple hundred rabid fans screaming out the entire lyrics from start to finish. They performed 「Do love me!」once again and definitely blew everyone away with their imposing stage presence. Pics or it didn't happen, I know!

shit was off the hook

あゆ pulled a number of ridiculous moves

t+pazolite singing, how often does that happen?

Oh, and if you're into wicked long podcasts by your favourite artists, then surely this 61 minute-long ACT radio show will tickle your fancy. This got me thinking: from the get-go, ACT always seemed more like a side-project than a full-time band. Judging by the crowd's reaction at both events, the CD must have sold very well. And as much as t+pazolite feat. リズナ feels like a gift from above, he works great with あゆ as well. All this to say that I wasn't expecting much more than a lone CD from this collaboration, but now it seems that 2011 could hold some surprises from them. Could a full-length album be in the works?

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