Tuesday, 16 November 2010

New Team LOVE BULLETS album 「タイアッパーズ!」

Although it's been about a year and a half since 「Love BulletsⅢ」, the last proper Team LOVE BULLETS album, they are far from dead. It's true that their published output this year was limited to two meager songs, but things are about to change. GWAVE just announced that a full-length album will come out on December 24th 2010, featuring a whopping 12 tracks... and possibly more!

LOVE BULLETS×タイアッパーズ!」 (tie-uppers) is a collection of their most recent tie-up songs, none of which were released on the three previous mini-albums. In fact, some of these songs are slated to appear on games that haven't even been released!! How often does that happen? Here's the list of announced tracks:

PSP game 「オレは少女漫画家」 (Giza10)

PC game 「少交女」 (たぬきそふと)
  • 小さな恋

PC game 「GreenStrawberry」 (Loversoul)

PC game 「はぴさま」 (SugarPot)
  • Oh My Goddess!!
  • 閃光天使ウルトラローズ

PC game 「フレーミングサマー」 (WAVESTAR)

PC game 「EllePrieR」 (Etoiles)

PC game 「このままじゃ姉とセックスしてしまう!? -あれ、弟よ、いま中でださなかった?-」 (OLE-M)

This CD does seem to be missing the delightful 「ドキドキお姉さん A to Z」, although that song was probably made exclusively for the M3 single. And of course, since 井上みゆ didn't sing 「ラジカル☆キッス!!イノベーション」, this tasty little morsel doesn't constitute a LoveBullets song. Still, for 30$ this is quite the packed album; considering prior LxB albums had 5-6 tracks at the most.

In related GWAVE news, the company has announced the first of its two 2010 compilation albums 「GWAVE2010 1st Grace」, also slated for release on December 24th. A quick glance reveals choice cuts from U, 榊原ゆい), NANA, Rita and plenty more. Speaking of U, here's a fantastic video featuring UNDER17 and Funta (U's non-eroge band) together on stage for a popotan event in 2003. WTF... is that crowd seated? Time for some motherfucking stage dives!!

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