Wednesday, 28 May 2008

MOSAIC.WAV announces Live Goods

MOSAIC.WAV just put up a special page to list the Live Goods which will be available for this weekend's concert. Disappointingly, it does not include a First Live DVD, which is something I've been hoping for. Of note is an "Amusement Pack" BGM CD, available for free to customers who purchase for 3500 yen worth of merchandise. They've conveniently enumerated the options which customers can select to obtain said BGM CD, as if ordering from a fast food joint. It goes without saying that this CD will become collectible and highly sought after. Well, I just did anyway. There's no word on whether this includes new songs, but I wouldn't rule it out.

About the goods themselves, the tote bag looks good but, being of the male persuasion, isn't something I'd be caught dead wearing. The t-shirt on the other hand is a bit more appealing, but not how I would imagine a perfect MOSAIC.WAV shirt, as it is perhaps a bit too artsy and not to-the-point enough. In fact, if they made a t-Shirt with the bag logo, that would be right up my alley. The cell phone straps... eh... I don't own a cancer transmitter. But they're cute.


The LUCKY BASTARDS who get to attend will have the chance to score a FALSIE THE PSEUDO-SCIENCE GIRL tumbler! This is awesome in so many ways, but perhaps most significantly in the sense that this MAY foreshadow a Falsie follow-up song. Why not? They've done it with both Akibattler and Melodroid on their 5th single, why wouldn't Falsie be next? And Magical Hacker Risku while we're at it, eh? Now I'm not sure if this tumbler can be used to hold coffee, which is what I would use it for. There seems to be a typo on the list, because 13.8x75 millimeters? Isn't that awful small, or are we talking about a miniature model? With all that text? Isn't 1 inch = 25.4 millimeters? Total typo. Either way, the concert organizers are expecting a sellout crowd and are opening the doors @ 2PM, for the sole purpose of merchandise sale.


電波の世界 said...

I have spoken to 猪野 and there was indeed a typo, which he promptly fixed. Proudest moment of my life? I THINK SO!!! Now my existence is truly meaningful. I will dedicate my life to finding typos on the MOSAIC.WAV website, only this way can the world become a better place.

He also says that preparations for the concert ended today, and that everyone is excited for the big day!

電波の世界 said...

Oh and he taught me a new Japanese loan word: リハ = rehearsal. Probably doesn't need to be on last week's list, but there ya go. Because... riha? riihaa??

Nadirah said...

LOL. You weirdo, you.

I like the tote bag & the T-shirt (of course, I am a girl) - the bag doesn't blatantly shout to the world I like denpa unless people know who MOSAIC.WAV are...

I'd totally buy that tumbler just to freak people around me though.