Friday, 14 March 2008

Full details on MOSAIC.WAV's 「Amusement Pack」

Took them long enough, but Lantis Records finally spilled the beans on their website. The major anisong studio first worked with MOSAIC.WAV in 2006 when they released 「キュン・キュン・パニック」 and then released their subsequent anime singles. With all of the positive buzz surrounding their self-released albums and singles, it was obvious another collaboration was in the making. While first announced as a "Best Album", it was eventually announced that new songs would be added and that others would be remixed and/or re-recorded. The final release date is March 26 2008. Here is the complete track listing, as well as handy remarks on each song.

Drama. 「Meeting and involvement」

2.アキバ in ワンダーランド
Remake. First appeared on 「切情!佰火繚乱」

Drama. 「365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 45 seconds」

Remake. First appeared on 「 片道きゃっちぼーる」 (Katamichi Catchball) aka Potemayo OP.

5.Nursery Time
New song.

Drama. 「The Perfect Harem」

7.三つ巴-motion~triangular fight
Remake. Unknown origins!

Drama. 「Theme of Sweet Whispers」

Remake. First appeared on 「最強○×計画」 aka Sumomomo mo momo OP1.

Remake. First appeared on 「切情!佰火繚乱」 aka Sumomomo mo momo OP2.

Drama. 「This car isn't stir-fried」 (たすけてください!)

12.Pain Paint Car
New song. Hilarious title.

Remake. First appeared on 「まもって!ロリポップ」 aka Mamotte ED.

Drama. 「The Traveling Bands」

15.We Love “AKIBA-POP”!! [NEW TAKE]
Remake. First appeared on 「Future-Fiction:AKIBA-POP」

Drama. 「Attraction Delivery」

17.Amusement Pack
New song. Hilarious title #2.

Drama. 「40 pages invitation」

New song. 「Finale」

As I'm sure you've realized by now, this is quite the interesting dénouement and not the "Best Of" we were lured into imagining. Except for "We Love “AKIBA-POP”!!", all of the older songs come from singles released by Lantis Records. On one hand this is a brilliant, almost novel idea and I am extremely looking forward to the numerous dramas. If they are anything like the short-but-sweet bonus track on 「電脳合戦×うじゅの陣!」 then I am all over it. According to MI*KO*2 BLOG, the plays/dramas are hilarious and feature "insane BGM". On the other hand, this would have been a perfect time to introduce the rest of the world to the MOSAIC.WAV that I know and love. I'm talking about their ability to grab the best elements from a variety of genres (don't tell me LoveCheat! isn't punk-as-fuck!) and bring them all under the Akiba-Pop banner. Either way, considering this major album, the recently released 5th single and another anime theme song to be released in April, 2008 is a promising year for MOSAIC.WAV!

One of the most striking aspects of this album is the unintentional Engrish right on the cover. It is QUITE OBVIOUS that the intended title was "Amusement Park", but since park is written as "パーク" in katakana form, the direct romanization would be paaku -> pack. Why, oh why, did they not contact me, their #1 fan this side of the pacific, for a spell check? Unless of course, they intended to name their album in honor of the true "amusement packs" of this world:

and last but not least...


Anonymous said...

三つ巴-motion~triangular fight is probably a remake of ミツドモエモーション from the 2nd Sumomomomomomo character song cd. MOSAIC.WAV made the song itself, but it was sang by the 3 main seiyuu of the show. I might be looking forward to this the most on the album, it's one of my favorite songs!!

ScPpY said...

I'm planning on buying this at Sanseido where they're offering it for $35, which I don't really think is too bad. But do you know any good places to buy Japanese imported stuff, online or at stores? I don't have a credit card or anything, but I can pay by cash or via PayPal.